A Dream that turned to Reality – Ahmed Murtaza, Skardu.

A Dream that turned to RealityYoung, Ambitious and Dedicated. Here’s Ahmed Murtaza for you, the graduate of our 2nd batch of skill development course. Coming from the beautiful valley of Skardu, seeing the rise in tourism as an opportunity to finally turn his dream of opening a café into reality, he dived in and started from the very limited resources he had and even the resources were limited, Alight’s support wasn’t nor was Murtaza’s dedication to thrive. Alight, through the Customer care and hospitality program extended its support to help Murtaza and many other dedicated youngsters to bravely be better and reach their goals by getting access to the skills that would help them no matter which corner of the world they’re in.

The dream of café that started with a stall has now turned into one of the few restaurants in skardu that offer both indoors and outdoors dining option, not only becoming a go-to place for the tourists but also inspiring many more, after which 15 more cafes have been opened to make the area more comfortable and welcoming for guests.

Murtaza has become a trend setter and an inspiration for every dreamer in Skardu and wishes to see his Restaurant become a brand one day.