It was any other day for literacy mobiliser Muhammad Umair who was passing through the marketplace of the Ghallanai Mohmand village in district Peshawar. A 12-year old boy called Ahmad, working in a store, caught his eye. What was particularly fascinating about Ahmad was that he was solving complicated math problems on his fingertips. Ahmad did not go to school. He lost his father in a bomb blast and had to support his mother’s profession as a seamstress.

Umair met his mother who talked to him in detail about the family’s dire financial circumstances, and afterwards he departed quickly to locate the rest of the team to tell them about Ahmad’s story and find a solution. Reasserting the right of every child to an education, the team started preparations to admit Ahmad into the nearest appropriate school. The young boy is now in the sixth grade of a government school in the village. His mother’s gratitude is evident in the words she told the team: ‘For my whole life, I will be thankful of ALIGHT.’