A simple solution makes a big difference

SHELTER – Maliyar Bomal – A simple solution makes a big difference

A non-formal school was established in Maliyar Bomal, Skardu under the project Gaamzan. The school was provided with all basic school supplies and learning material however during the additional need assessment, it was observed that the children are were studying under a tree, due to unavailability of a room/space. Sometimes they had to endure scorching sun, at other times it was the rain that caused disturbance and the lessons had to be cancelled due to storms. A simple solution to the problem – a tent – made a big difference, as now the school children have a shelter, a roof over their head and protection from the weather.

Even during rainy days, community teachers run three classes a day in a big tent donated to school by Alight Pakistan. The attendance improved, also because the children do not get ill as often as they used to do when they sat in the open, and the enrollment increased from 43 to 63 students. The tent is also used as an exam hall now. Seeing the positive changes and increased enrollment rates the community already requested for another teacher.

The shelter was not only welcomed by the community but also contribution from the field was tremendous. The parents got involved in the installation, working for two days to prepare the ground and fix the tent. One of the locals, Haji Akbar Ali, said:

“We are grateful to Alight Pakistan for the cooperation for education, we have no words to describe the happiness. We are more than pleased to continue working with Alight Pakistan, as they are shaping our future generation giving them quality education. Thank you, Alight Pakistan and thank you to Alight’s management team in Baltistan, who work with dedication to support our community. We are looking forward to future cooperation with the organization and we are willing to take any required steps to make sure our kids could get quality education.”