ARC LMs, Mr. Sajan Lal and Mr. Muneer, conducted a meeting with School Management Committee [SMC] members of Government Girls Elementary School [GGES] in Bachal Pitafi in Tando Allahyar for the creation of a school development plan to make the School Management Committee (SMC) members aware of their roles and responsibilities. The SDP was developed with the input and consent of SMC members, parents, and teaching staff. At the gathering, a number of topics were up for discussion: Issues in schools, missing facilities, provision of safe drinking water and absenteeism (particularly due to lack of drinking water). There was mention of cases of students leaving classes to go home to drink water.

ARC LMs mobilized SMC members for the local resource generation funds Oil and Gas Company Limited (OGDCL). Mr. Ghulam Hussain, General Secretary SMC, said he can connect with OGDCL officials. SMC members with LMs put in an application requesting an electric water cooler. OGDCL provided an electric water cooler worth 90,000 PKR for the school children of GGES Bachal Pitafi.

Ms. Benazir, Head Teacher of GGES Bachal Pitafi, expressed her gratitude to all involved in the drinking water campaign, thanking ARC too for their mobilization of SMC members. Student attendance has now increased and there are no reports of students having to go to their homes to drink water.