Every once in a while, we come across stories which are equally heartbreaking and heartwarming. The strength of this story lies in the perseverance of this ten-year-old who lives in Balochistan’s remote village Killi Karam Khan. Zair Shah has faced more obstacles than most of us, from more privileged backgrounds, will ever face. 

Zair’s father died when Zair was very young, leaving the responsibility of providing for his family on the young boy’s hands. The family of nine, with six sisters and two brothers, is dependent on this young boy who exudes composure and poise when one meets him in person. 

Zair’s day begins with spending the morning studying at a government school – and his teachers tell us he is a brilliant student – and then going to pick salvageable plastic from trash to sell to make an earning. This money goes towards rent of the family house.  

What keeps Zair going? It isn’t the toys or candy he can’t get from the money he earns, but the satisfaction of making it easier for his siblings to not have to worry about monthly expenses and go to school with a more peaceful state of mind, that they have a guardian angel in their brother.