Jamal Shah was only seven years old when he lost his father in an accident. For the last five years he has been selling fruits on the wild roads of Karakurram highway. Every morning when the sun rises he takes on the role of a newspaper hawker as well. This way he continues to feed his family, his mother has been ill for over a year and is on bed but Shah remains persistent despite these challenging odds.

Jamal Shah says, “I know three languages Shina, Urdu, and English as I daily go through the newspapers. Since my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I stopped going to school and it has been over a year now. I do hope, however, that one day I will get access to the education, despite the hardships. Till then I will work hard to make the future of my two sisters bright by giving them the opportunity to study”

According to the constitution of Pakistan, every child should be given access to primary education but still millions of children are facing the bitter adversities of life.