A Tale of Two Sisters- Yes it is Possible

In the midst of all the adversaries the dream to get education was alive in the eyes of two sisters – Shazia and Nazia.  As they were about to sleep they recalled their uncle’s harsh words, “This new star school is not only against our values but is a shame to the community. Girls should just stay home, learn house chores and get married”.

Nazia asked Shazia, “ do you think our dream will come true and we can get enrolled? Shazia being the elder with hope in her eyes replied: “Let’s wait for father- a truck driver- to return home after a 48 hours’ drive back from Karachi”. They both waited anxiously the next day and once he was home they told him everything they heard about the star school from its staff while they tried convincing their uncle and asked “Abbu! We have a school now in our refugee camp and we want to study there, they give books and clothes to the students”. Their father could not resist the hope in their voice and replied: “Just study hard to achieve the unbelievable and make us proud”.

Nazia has been enrolled under ‘Educate A Child’ program and wants to be a footballer like Messi