A word of appreciation from Department of Education of Shigar District

A word of appreciation from Department of Education of Shigar District

The reflection of efforts by Alight team in expanding access to education to far flung areas of Baltistan has been collected and presented below. During discussions with multiple education department key people, not only appreciations have been received but also requests for new locations have been submitted.

Some words of appreciation received are given below, which provides a bigger picture of Alights success in selection of NFS locations and ongoing key activities.

‘Our district – Shigar, is known for its beauty. Ever since the independence of Pakistan, Shigar Valley has welcomed domestic and international tourism, and has been especially popular among adventure lovers. Yet despite its obvious attraction and wealth of natural resources, the district is lacking development and lags behind in the field of education as compared to the other districts of the region.

The district of Shigar encompasses two main valleys: Basha and Braldo. Both valleys lack infrastructure and basic facilities, mainly due to the remoteness of the villages and lack of proper road infrastructure. District Shigar has the highest rate of out of school children in Baltistan region and therefore is challenging for organizations to work in these remote areas due to difficult access. Alight Pakistan has been recognized by the community as one major INGO which reached these locations and worked to provide education to the children from the most underdeveloped villages of Shigar District. Alight Pakistan established non-formal schools in Thoshow, Biano, Arando, Arando ghond, Tastay, and few other villages.

Department of Education Shigar and National Commission for Human Development have fully supported Alight throughout the process of establishing the non-formal schools. Here at the Department of Education we greatly appreciate the efforts of Alight Pakistan in educating the children from far-flung areas of Shigar. Representatives of Department of Education are in close liaison with the Alight Baltistan team to ensure quality education in every established school.

Considering how successful Alight Pakistan was in their project of establishing non formal schools, the Department of Education requests more NFS to be opened in further locations. We also request for teachers to be provided and trained for our own schools wherever needed. Our appreciation is manifested in the written application to Alight Baltistan to extend it services to more areas’.