Academic Calendar Published for Elementary Schools

For many children in Gilgit Baltistan continuing education beyond the 5th grade is not possible simply because there are not enough elementary schools in the province. To improve access to education Alight piloted ten non-formal elementary schools.

In order to facilitate and accelerate students’ learning at those schools we introduced academic calendars for Grades 6-8 developed in collaboration with the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD). The academic calendar facilitates the delivery of a three-year curriculum in eighteen-months’ time while preserving and emphasizing essential Student Learning Outcomes (SLO). Even though non-formal elementary schools allow students to complete the course in half the time, they do not compromise on the quality of education, and at the end of year 8 students appear for regular government exams.

Our academic calendars provide helpful guidelines for teachers of different levels, helping them to plan their multi-grade classroom teaching more effectively by connecting similar topics.