Alight brought light to Arando

SOLAR PANEL INSTALLATION – Arando – Alight brought light to Arando

Arando is the last human settlement in Basha Valley, in the Shigar District of Baltistan. The village is about 120km from Skardu, only accessible by a very dangerous road. According to latest survey the village consist of 180 households and most of the local people work in agriculture. Because of heavy snowfall the whole valley is cut off from the rest of the world for almost 7 months of a year. Due to its isolation and limited connection the life in the valley is difficult and people have to do without some basic life facilities.

Alight Pakistan came to Arando to open a non-formal school for girls, as the village had the highest ratio of out of school girls in the Shigar District. When the Alight team arrived they observed that the villagers were still living without electricity and using traditional lighting tools to lit their houses. The non-formal school building had ventilation issues as it is common for houses in Arando to have small windows, to keep the interiors warm during harsh winter weather. It also meant that the classrooms were quite dark.

Some solution was needed and the Deputy Director for Education of Shigar, as well as the school teachers and community members, requested Alight’s help. Alight installed a complete solar panel system with for the school, which not only helped its electricity issues but also provide a conducive learning environment for the students. The children can now easily work and learn inside the classroom, with the lights on.

The villagers are very happy to see electricity in their village for first time and the children are happy studying in well-lit classrooms.