inter-departmental meeting


An inter-departmental meeting held amongst the Project Development, Project Implementation, Communications and HR departments. The meeting was chaired by the HoD Programs, Ma’am Amna Salman Butt.

In the meeting, each department gave a progress report on its activities since the last meeting a week ago. The progress of different projects was assessed and future targets were assigned. New projects to be undertaken were identified and the strategies to be undertaken to initiate them discussed.

The floods situation was discussed and the particular role that Alight could play to assist in the situation assessed. The overall working within departments and between departments was discussed and ways to improve support, coordination and communication were outlined.

Inter Departmental Game

Inter-departmental game Good communications, good working relationships, exercising leadership, being appreciative and offering support are key qualities of any organization. In order to enhance these qualities, an inter-departmental game was played. 3 teams were formed, after mixing up the individuals from all departments. They were named A, B and C. The teams were assigned a task to write down positive points about Alight. In order to give them more exposure, the quieter staff members were given leadership positions.

Team C won and was acknowledged and appreciated by everyone. The game proved to be an effective exercise for breaking the ice, empowering staff members to work better together and for building team spirit!