STUDENT – Azra – “I have waited for that moment for 18 years”

I have waited for that moment for 18 years – AzraMy name is Azra. I am enrolled in non-formal school in Thorenous Stak, a far-flung village of Roundu District. I was born and raised in a lower-middle class family of seven members. We are five siblings and I am eldest among them. Because of limited resources and lack of basic educational facilities in the village I could not get education till the age of 18, even though it was my dream to get quality education and serve my nation in a best possible way. In my childhood my parents sent me to a nearby village for schooling but financial constraints forced me to leave school. That school was far from my village and my parents couldn’t manage to arrange a van to take me to school. My parents’ financial situation wasn’t good enough for me to pursue education but I never gave up. I kept praying for better days to come and finally a ray of hope appeared when it seemed I will be able to fulfill my dream of acquiring knowledge. Alight Pakistan brought the light of education to my village – I have waited for that moment for 18 years. Alight brought hope for the future for me and my colleagues currently enrolled in non-formal school in Thorenous.

Alight Pakistan is enlightening the young people of my village. I am inspired by Alight’s initiative of educating out of school children like me. Thanks to the care of this organization, today I am again in school and I aim to educate myself so that I can give back and contribute to the betterment of my region, where education is an uphill task for children from poor families. I would like to thank Alight Pakistan for their remarkable contribution in educating the children of deprived areas of Gilgit-Baltistan, especially my village of Thorenous.