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Bridging the gap towards education Uzair son of Nazim Hussain is a student of class 6th at non-formal elementary school in Paribangla, Mirabad, in Juglot District. He used to attend public school in Paribangla, but because of his special needs he could not continue his studies there.

Uzair suffers from hemophilia – an inherited disorder in which blood does not clot. Any minor accident can be very dangerous to him. He requires extra care and attention. Uzair is under specialist care and needs to go to see doctors regularly, which results in frequent absences from school. This, combined with the problem of injuries during play with other students, made it impossible for Uzair to attend public school.

Uzair is a bright child, and he takes great interest in his studies. And while he was unable to attend government school, he was fortunate to find a school that could cater to his specific needs and support his learning. Not far from Uzair’s home there is a non-formal school established by Alight Pakistan. Non-formals schools, also known as community schools, offer greater flexibility and are a better choice for those students who for various reasons cannot attend mainstream educational institutions.

Uzair is now a student at NFS Paribangla and he follows a learning regime designed especially for him. Often, he stays at home to study and the teacher, Owais Ahmed, visits him to support and supervise his progress. Sometimes, Uzair visits his teacher at school to talk to him. And whenever the boy comes to school, teacher give him extra time and attention and other children are instructed to play with Uzair carefully during breaks.

Mr. Owais Ahmed says that Uzair is very intelligent and takes interest in his studies. Uzair’s parents are also happy with the teacher and the school. According to the parents the school is perfect for Uzair as it offers more flexibility and the teacher doesn’t force, but rather encourage the boy in his studies, and he stays motivated to learn. When he grows up Uzair wants to become a doctor.