Small girl with big dreams

Small girl with big dreamsCan a small girl become a role model for her community? It turns out she can. Meet Khairoo, an 8-year-old girl from Arando, who dreamt of becoming the best student in the class long before she got a chance to go to school. Arando is a remote village in Basha Valley, located some 135 km from Skardu. Due to heavy snowfall the whole valley is cut off for almost 7-months a year and lack of basic facilities, such as electricity, makes life here very hard.

Before Alight Pakistan opened a non-formal school in Arando there were no educational facilities available for local children. The literacy rate for girls was below 10% percent. Children like Khairoo used to spend their days helping their parents in agricultural activities and household chores. When Khairoo got admission in school she even didn’t know how to read or write but she was very motivated to learn. She was also very keen to take part in extra-curricular activities.

In recent examination Khairoo got first position in her class and received her first reward for excellent academic results. Community members praised her performance and arranged an event of award giving ceremony at school. The celebration of Khairoo’s success proved to be a great incentive for many parents to enroll their out of school children. After the event the enrolment rates spiked. And now the literacy rate among girls in the village has increased to above 50%.