Hasina Bibi is a resident of Goth Niaz Mohammad Khan, Umarani Union Council, Arri Tehsil, Tamboo District, Naseerabad. She belongs to a very poor family. Her husband is a farmer. They have six daughters and five sons, all of whom go to school except one. Hasina Bibi has some livestock too, four chickens, a goat and a cow, these provide milk and eggs. Hasina Bibi told us about her family’s struggles with poverty.

She attended a community meeting organized by a BISP team in her village one day. BISP team explained the program how people could register. Hasina Bibi was motivated joined and now gets PKR 5,000 quarterly from BISP. She also joined another program, called the Resource Education Program (Waseela-E-Taleem). Now she gets PKR 750/per child and through the program, she receives PKR 7500. This helps her carry out all educational expenses such as books and other essential materials. She expressed her gratitude to BISP and ARC for their dedication to the educational needs of her children.