Alight Pakistan is proud to share the opening of a Community Learning Centre in Samsani Khoi (Johar Town) to provide literacy and vocational skills training to the children working in the local auto repair shops. A training class has been constituted for 20 – 25 students of 12-16 years of age. JICA will provide a tailor-made literacy course while a tailor-made skill course has been developed in consultation with automobile manufacturing companies and other training institutes.

Mr. Raja Rashid Hafeez, Honorable Minister Literacy & Non Formal Education Punjab graced the event as chief guest. Deputy Secretary Literacy & NFBE, JICA-AQAL Project Deputy Chief Adviser also honored the ceremony with the kind presence.

A smart board will provide practical demonstration of skills by playing videos. Automobile companies will be contacted to provide technical support by arranging visiting technicians and imparting specific skills. Two trainers, one for literacy and second for vocational skills have been hired and deputed in the skill center.

After completion of the literacy and training course, the target children will be better able to read and write and have increased technical skills to operate the machinery involved in their work. This will increase their income as well. After the successful implementation of this center, more may be scaled in other areas as well.