Developing the right strategy

Developing the right strategyAs each child is unique they need a unique approach to help them achieve their full potential. Imran, a 3rd- grader from non-formal school established by Alight in Maliyar, Skardu, struggled with his studies for a long time. Mr. Muslim, the teacher, was very worried about his poor performance and put much effort to help Imran, giving him extra time and support.

Mr. Muslim also called Imran’s father to school to discuss Imran’s problems and try to find the solutions. Imran’s father revealed his interest in running households’ activities, which keeps him to pay more attention to education and homework. Here how Mr. Muslim handled the situation is a true example of creativity and finding success through it. Muslim didn’t lose hope and got determined to observe Imran’s interests more keenly to devise the most useful teaching methodologies. He accompanied Imran for few days to see what the boydoes, what are his interests and how he spends time doing his everyday outdoor activities.

Using the observations made during these visits, Muslim redesigned the tasks for Imran to make them more interesting and integrated education with his daily life activities to sustain his interest in education. This approach made a huge difference and within a month the teacher observed improvement in Imran’s academic performance and attitude. Seeing that the new tactic worked, Mr. Muslim encouraged the boy to do even more and always appreciated his achievement. And when Imran started performing well in school his parents also took more interest in their son’s studies and supported him more.

Within few months Imran has become the highest performer in his class and his success inspired his colleagues. And his parents are really grateful to the teacher for that initial support and extra care that made a real difference in boy’s life.