STUDENT – Dilshana Bano – “Finally, the day came when I found myself in school”

Finally, the day came when I found myself in school – Dilshana BanoI am Dilshana Bano, aged 15. I belong to the deprived village of Thorenus Stak in Roundu. In my village we are lacking basic life facilities like health services, education and even clean drinking water. And the high illiteracy rate is the root of the problems, causing lack of progress. If this gets resolved all other social issue will be solved. Unfortunately, we did not have education facility in our village and because of that me and my friend didn’t go to school.

It was my ultimate desire to be enrolled in a school and get best quality education. I expressed my thoughts to my parents but due to financial constraints and social norms I couldn’t go out from my village for acquiring education. My father is the sole breadwinner of my whole family and now due to his old age he can hardly earn enough to ensure our survival.

Although I wasn’t going to school I always tried to learn to read and write on my own to achieve my dream. Finally, the day came when I found myself in school. For that day I have waited for years. It became possible just because of Alight Pakistan. If they did not initiate a school here in my village I would grow old just dreaming on.

Now I am quite confident that the day will come when I would become the best teacher and will contribute to uplifting my region, particularly in the field of education.