Doing it together

Doing it togetherDiamer District has the lowest literacy rate in Gilgit-Baltistan region and provincial government declared the situation as an education emergency. The reasons for this situation are complex, but the solutions are there, and this story from Thurly Batai proves that change is possible.

Thurly Batai is a remote settlement in Chilas, Diamer, located approximately 30 km from the main road. Until recently the local community had no access to education as there was no government school within the radius of 15 km. It would take an hour and a half to reach the nearest school and because of the distance most parents couldn’t send their children to school. Over 90% of the local children were out of school and the community gave up on the idea of getting their children educated due to lack of facilities and the difficult economic circumstances.

Alight Pakistan reached Thurly Batai while on their mission to bring out of school children to school. Alight’s team members knocked on local doors and spoke personally to the villagers to motivate them to do something about their children’s education and to help them understand the need for and importance of basic education. The campaign proved successful and the community joined in the efforts to open a school. Mr. Abdul Shukoor has donated his house to non-formal school teacher Abdul Basit with the sole intention of helping to educate every child of his village and community.

The joint efforts of Alight Pakistan and local community resulted in the enrolment of almost 60% of the children, who had no previous education. And the enrolment drive is still on – with Mr. Abdul Shukoor actively participating in the campaign. People of the community are appreciating the school arrangements and are very happy with the educational material and tools provided by Alight Pakistan so far, including a shelter tent for the children.