Educate Every Girl for a Better & Bright Future

Educate Every Girl for a Better & Bright FutureRashida Batool resident of Village Biano, a very far-flung area of Braldo in district Shigar, belongs to a destitute family. She was happily studying in a government school situated a little far away from her house. What a stroke of luck that she turned nine, and her family extricated her from school as they believe that girls should not study beyond a certain age. Attitudes regarding girls’ education vary significantly across different communities.

Rashida was ignorant and did not know that her fortune was robbed mercilessly. As of that time, her eyes were not familiarized with the dreams, and she was unaware that they will not be fetched without education. Therefore, she was convinced, that education is not for girls and failed her interest.

Things were going well with her, and a day came when Alight Pakistan established its non-formal school for marginalized and deprived people of her area. The Alight team visited them many times from the day of opening to the date when she herself learned that something is missing in her life. During the hunt, she started chasing the children of our non-formal school, which was nearby her place.

While this struggle, she found the meaning of her life, which awakened the thirst for education in her heart and she approached Fida Ali. She was afraid that this dream of her getting education will again be not accomplished as she knew that her parents would not be able to afford the finances for her education. When Mr. Fida told her that Alight is an organization working for out-of-school children since 2020, and the non-formal schools are for those who cannot afford or access education and hindering to excel further.

His words uplifted her, and she started convincing her family and finally succeeded to get enrolled in the school. Now she has got her smile back as she is going to school and replenishing her urge for learning and growing day by day.

Whole heartedly, she shows her gratitude to Alight and CAI for bringing joy and a feeling of accomplishment in her life.