Educating a generation Zareena and Dawood Muhajir colony, Gilgit Baltistan

Educating a generation Zareena and Dawood Muhajir colony, Gilgit BaltistanOn our Mission to find others, we found Dawood and Zareena living in a small, mountainous and breezy town in Baltistan called “Muhajir Colony” which means the residence of the Immigrants. Wherein, most of the people are the immigrants of the kargil war. Seeing the problems faced by the community so closely the couple chose to do what they could to be of help, Dawood, whom by profession is a teacher started teaching voluntarily with the support of his wife Zareena who started teaching the girls who were not allowed to step out because of cultural barriers not only how to read and write but to sew and stitch to be financially dependent, but with limited resources, they were struggling to go far with their aim.

Not letting the efforts go in vain, Alight went ahead to spark joy in the community, facilitated not only Dawood and Zareena but every single one of the students to keep their spirits up and to give them the education that would help them find ways to not only help themselves but the community. The classrooms that were getting empty because of the unavailability of simple things like a pen and a notebook, are now crowded with young students learning both through books and electronic gadgets provided by Alight.