Education – it's all about access

Education – it’s all about access – Manzoor

We are all equal as humans, but each of us needs different kind of provision in order to fulfil their potential. What’s no more than a bother to some, might be a serious challenge to others. Equity is about making sure that everyone gets support they need, so that everyone has equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.

Meet Manzoor Hussain a 12-year boy from Monjing, a remote village in Braldo Valley Shigar Baltistan, who got enrolled in NFS Monjing. Irrespective of all the physical challenges in life and trouble in walking, his thirst of knowledge is very powerful. He got enrolled in NFS Monjing in October 2020 before that he hasn’t had the opportunity to get Education, as till last year there was no School in this Village so most of the children were out-of- School like Manzoor or had to walk miles to reach the school.

It was not possible for Manzoor to walk because of his paralyzed body and his father brought him to School daily in locally manufactured handcart. It was really tough but the spirit for learning become a source for motivation. The feedback of Alight NFS Teacher about Manzoor has been very good as well reflecting his active participation in class and immense interest in studies.

In order to make it a little convenient for Manzoor, Alight arranged for a wheelchair for him which was handed over to him in August 2021. This small contribution has left a huge impact on the life of Manzoor as his hurdle of coming to school daily has been minimized. Not only his father and family members are a little relieved but also their determination to send him to school and continue his studies has been increased.