Providing access to equitable quality education is the priority of the present Government for ensuring sustainable national growth through active participation of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), public and private sector. Currently, there are around 27,000 Out-of-School Children (OOSC) in Islamabad Capital Territory.

The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (M/o FE&PT) in collaboration with Educate a Child (EAC) – ARC has initiated a robust campaign for the enrolment of all out of school children of Islamabad. The campaign aims at supporting the public sector formal and non-formal education institutions of Islamabad and mobilizing the community to ensure enrolment of children in schools.  The campaign will be carried out in partnership with multiple stakeholders including Basic Education Community Schools (BESC), Non-formal Education Foundation (NEF), National Commission on Human Development (NCHD) and other Non-Governmental Organisations. By joining hands, partners will play a proactive role in identification of OOSC, mapping of education institutes and schools, mobilization of community and placement of enrolment and retention mechanism.

Honorable Minister for Federal Education & Professional Training M/o FE&PT, Mr. Shafqat Mahmood reiterated the present government’s commitment in bringing OOSC back while ensuring high education standards. The campaign was launched on Tuesday at the auditorium of National Library, Islamabad witnessing enthusiastic participation of over 700 distinguished guests’ including senior government officials, educationists, donors and development practitioners.