Alight is celebrating the first trainee to successfully complete the Alight Online Teacher Training, a Star School teacher Sahira Shaheen. Earlier in July this year, Alight launched a state of the art online teacher training program. Sahira enrolled in the program on the 12th of July and completed all 34 lessons in just six and a half weeks. Her lessons covered the following four modules:

  • Pedagogical knowledge (including class management and lesson planning),
  • English language Teaching,
  • Mathematics
  • General Science

This is a very proud moment for Sahira who has always had a passion for teaching for the change it brings into children’s lives. Its nobility fueled her drive to teach children who do not have access to education because their families couldn’t afford it. She joined an Alight Star School a year ago, though she has been teaching for the past decade. She is also enrolled in an M.Ed. program which she studies for along teaching.

Sahira believes technology is an intricate part of modern-day education. She immerses her students in technology by encouraging them to use her laptop so they could learn better. Her experience with the online program was helpful too for it didn’t hold the stress that in-person trainings often do. She would keep her email open frequently in anticipation of an incoming lesson. She noticed too her math and English content knowledge improve with the training. With the online training, she felt she had the freedom to take her time to read and understand the content. She says, ‘In-person training makes it hard to ask questions about what is being said especially when it comes to repeating something. This can cause a person to lag behind. I was able to focus on the content in my own free time without distractions.’

Part of the training program contains ‘ite size learning’ which reduces the lesson to five to ten minutes worth of reading content. Bite size content approaches learning differently; where large size content takes longer to read and can be difficult to comprehend, bite size content is put into sections that are easy to understand and build onto the last learning.

The teacher was initially hesitant to participate in purely online training, ‘However, when I received the first lesson, I got the confidence to follow through.’ The ‘Congratulations you have successfully completed the assessment’ notice at the end of each lesson became a motivating pull. Online learning is a relatively new concept in the education sector, even more so in Pakistan. However, its considerable force as an alternative mode of teacher training can prove to be substantial for the impact it is having in pushing teachers towards new ways of learning.