Fixing the broken puzzles

Fixing the broken puzzles13-year-old Nazira is a student at non-formal school in KIU Khari established by Alight Pakistan in 2019. She enjoys going to school and playing with her friends. She has learnt to read and write and responds with confidence to her teachers.

But just a couple of years earlier Nazira was shy and quiet. The traumatic experience of losing her father, who died in service of Pakistan Army, and the subsequent dramatic changes in the girl’s life took a toll on Nazira’s mental and emotional health.

Nazira and her family belong to the village of Kwardo in Baltistan. But after her father died and her mother remarried, Nazira moved to KIU Khari, in Gilgit, to live with her aunt. It wasn’t easy to adjust to life without parents and in a new place, and the girl became very withdrawn – she wasn’t taking interest in any activities and avoided playing or interacting with other children.

When Alight Pakistan opened a non-formal school in KIU Khari Nazira’s aunt admitted her children. She used to come to school to drop and pick her children and Nazira would accompany her. The teacher at NFS KIU Khari, Ms. Abida, noticed the shy girl who frequently came by the school with her aunt and motivated her to come to school as a student. She also convinced her aunt that it will be beneficial for the child.

Initially, Nazira was very reserved and did not participate in any activity or classroom discussion. She used to sit in the classroom as passive listener. However, Ms. Abida’s continuous efforts and enthusiasm helped the girl gain confidence. Slowly and gradually, she started taking part in activities and interacting with other students. The focus, appreciation and dedication of NFS teacher is helping Nazira to step out of her shy zone and look at the outer world more confidently. Now she is a keen student aspiring to follow her father’s footsteps and join Pakistan Army to serve her country in the future.