23-year-old Shumaila Kanwal is a non-formal school teacher in BLCC / ARC NFS Baste Ghanta Ghar, Nawab Pur Road, Multan. Following her divorce, Kanwal had to confront numerous challenges: Not only was she a woman living in a society where divorce is considered taboo, she had to raise a child on her own.

She noticed her village lacked an educational facility for the local children and decided to change this. When BLCC approached her locality to establish a non-formal school, she volunteered to help, successfully passing the competitive teacher selection process. Today, Shumaila is an integral part of community mobilization in her community, working to build a progressive mindset in the village. She has begun a comprehensive door-to-door campaign to motivate parents to send their children to school. She has also targeted enrollment figures, with a cohort of 40 students to-date in her school. Her passion and devotion for education is evident in her work!