It takes a village the Story of Ghulam Hussain, Literacy Mobilizer

It takes a village – The Story of Ghulam Hussain, Literacy Mobilizer

When Ghulam Hussain, Alight’s senior literacy mobilizer, arrived in Tastay village, he found more that hundred out-of-school children, most of them girls. Tastay is one of the most remote settlements in Braldo valley, on the fringes of Karakorum. Until recently, there was no educational institution for girls here and this was considered the main reason why so many girls from the village were not studying. Once Alight Pakistan opened a non-formal school in Tastay, 56 students got enrolled and started attending the school. But still many girls stayed at home occupied by domestic work. Many parents did not consider girls’ education important and preferred to keep their daughters secluded at home.

It required much effort from Ghulam Hussain to convince the villagers that their girls would benefit from learning how to read and write and count. He held many meetings, discussed things over with School Management Committee, spoke to the teachers and motivated the community members to bring their daughters in school. After his intervention 21 more students got enrolled.

“In my recent field visit I met newly enrolled children’s and analyzed their progress” says Ghulam Hussain“. I found that the children were very sharp and intelligent and did well in schoolwork and other extracurricular activities. I asked the students for the reasons why they were not enrolled in school earlier they said that their parents are still unaware of importance and usability of education, that’s why they did not send them to schools. It was through the efforts of teachers and SMC members who motivated their parents that they got opportunity to study and nourish their young minds, to have better future”.