Iqra is a 16-year-old girl living in Baste Chah Akbar Wala, Nawab Pur Road in Multan. Chah Akbar Wala, a small village near the Chenab Riverbank, has a household of some 40 people. Most of the villagers are farmers and there is no school within a five kilometer radius of the village. None of the girls in the village have ever attended school.

Like her friends, Iqra too had dreams of going to school, but due to the unavailability of a school in the area, there was no opportunity to bring that dream to reality. In May 2019, ARC, in partnership with BLCC, opened a non-formal school in the village. Village education committee members approached Iqra and her friends to initiate the project too.

Today, Iqra is in Class 1 and very happy with ARC and BLCC’s collaborative efforts to establish a school in the village. Her goal is to become a teacher.