E-learning hotspot

Many students in Gilgit Baltistan region lack access to ICT at school and at home. This affects their studies, as they cannot benefit from online learning resources. To provide access to internet for students at three government schools in Gilgit, Alight arranged an e-learning facility designed by Tele Taleem, with access to the educational portal by Sabaq Lite. The hotspot was installed, tested, and successfully launched in Government Boys High School No.1. The device has one central hotspot and two receiving ends, which creates a connection for a shared learning space for Government Girls High School No.1 and Government Boys Middle School. 43 government school teachers have been trained on the use of the device.

Mr Khawar Abbass, one of the teachers introduced to the e-learning program, said that he observed a tremendous change in students who greatly benefitted from online learning content and he himself benefitted from learning new techniques and teaching methods from Sabaq Lite.