Mobile Learning Van arrives in Gilgit

When the children cannot go to school, the school comes to them! Our Mobile Library Van set off on the journey of bringing books, stories and knowledge to kids of the Gilgit Baltistan region. The Van’s library has genres available for all ages — poetry, history, fiction, and more — so that young people can explore and discover what they love! But what makes our Van unique is that it is also designed to work as a mobile school, reaching far-flung settlements where there are no schools available and spreading literacy among remote communities.

The Mobile Learning Van was inaugurated by the Government District Education Team and NCHD regional team in one of the non-formal schools in the region. In collaboration with NCHD and the Education Department of GB, Alight developed a plan for the mobile learning facility and started its piloting after schools were officially granted permission to open back up in Gilgit. Our dedicated literacy mobilizers visited 18 schools (10 Government Schools, 5 BEC NFS, 3 NCHD Feeder Schools) to spread information and enable students’ learning through the Mobile Learning Van.