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In the digital era, the world offers sights, sounds and experiences that continue to astonish anyone born even a few decades ago. Space and time have been shrunk by a horde of communications devices. Geneticists decode and tinker with the script of life. Millions of the people each year casually soar across continents in search of work, pleasure and new experiences. Billions of people have the capacity to learn and do things of which their parents or grandparents could scarcely dream.

The Muallim Knowledge Access Platform (KAP) aims at enhancing the quality of learning opportunities provided to trainers. The Muallim Knowledge Access Platform shall enable partners by strengthening their capacities and capabilities. The focus will be on technology-driven The Muallim Knowledge Access Platform educational initiatives, specifically in Non-Formal Education and Accelerated Learning Program in ways that optimize efficiency and sustainability.

Technology Platform

The Muallim Knowledge Access Platform provides a next-generation technology-based ecosystem, practical guidance on training and education to stakeholders and how learning can be designed, adapted and scaled to improve education and learning effectiveness while maintaining quality and relevance. In short, the platform shall enable the digital transformation of educational institutions.


The Muallim Knowledge Action Platform offers a gaming platform that draws its entire contents from public and private school curricula. It uses Artificial Intelligence to help students either compete against each other in tournament-style competitions, or to help teachers create class-specific assessments for their students.

In light of COVID-19, KarMuqabla, Alight’s partner, created a Non-Stop Tournament (NTS) session online that is already drawing students from a wider range of schools and cities. The tournament enables students to qualify, on the strength of their daily play, for prize winning events hosted every weekend, culminating in a Grand Prize Showdown at the end of the month.

The current assessments include multiple choice, fill in the blanks, scale/ratings, (vocabulary, reading comprehension and grammar – for language) and image matching/sequencing options.

As part of an extended response, students and parents can be alerted via text/WA messaging through Telecomms partnerships/Government outreach to spend up to 15 min per subject (3 minutes per game) playing grade-specific games daily. Parents can be sent alerts of the assessment outcomes. The data can be shared with teachers at the grade/school where the student is enrolled. Following the assessment, students/parents/teachers can be alerted via the same messaging system to specific textbook topics and/or online content for the relevant topic.

Teachers Training

Teachers can use the the Muallim Knowledge Action Platform not only to track individual student progress against assigned games and follow-up directly with students that are struggling for one-on-one tutoring via phone/WA. They can complete online training modules and assess their own development as a teacher while they are at their job.

School heads or education administrators at all levels can keep track of their teachers’ development and progress and compare those to teachers outside of their remit. The analytics generated can be aggregated and consolidated from class to provincial level to assess the impact of ongoing interventions as well as to plan future ones.

Muallim Web TV

The Muallim Knowledge Access Platform feature of Web TV allows you to easily create dynamic Web TV Channels for intranets or extranets. With Muallim Web TV & Knowledge Access Platform, you can build communities that provide team and organizational work environments to engage people and connect them with information via personalized dashboards.

With the next generation portal composer, one can quickly build these communities and pages in a WYSIWYG manner from a wide selection of page styles and page layouts and wire components on the glass to create contextual dashboards. The Muallim Web TV & Knowledge Access Platform page draft feature enables page content to be perused and governed before it is made publicly available.

The Muallim Knowledge Access Platform also helps in providing a platform for faculty and researchers and to develop diverse contents around Non-Formal Education/Accelerated Learning Program activities and offer services through a dynamic next generation application architecture having the features of WebTV streaming for asynchronous delivery, content design, personalization and learning cycle mapping with content delivery engine as well as unique add-on features of Adaptivity and internal and external content repositories.

Content Deliverance

The Muallim Knowledge Access Platform intends to deliver mobile-friendly user experiences for knowledge-based portal solutions that are seamlessly integrated with the enterprise learning applications on the Cloud. The Muallim Knowledge Access Platform features tablet-first responsive UI for users OOTB.

The ability to combine responsive UI design for mobile web solutions with adaptive pages targeted at selected mobile device groups enables the Muallim Knowledge Access Platform to provide a unique solution for delivering omni-channel solutions that leverage Bootstrap themes and native device capabilities along with a large selection of OOTB components with the responsive UI design.

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