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The best learning experiences are meaningful and interactive and keep the learners curious and engaged throughout.
Muallim Learning Hub is the place where students and educators can find resources, lessons, links to game-based education and teachers’ training. Our content enriches classroom learning, helps students deepen their knowledge and practice newly gained skills and continue learning while going to school is impossible.

Learning with Muallim

Muallim Radio Platform – School may stop, Learning must not

“When schools were closed, it was very important for us to engage these children. We did not want them to get back to their routines, which could mean child labor. If you look worldwide, a lot of edu-tech companies had their new and innovative solutions to help children stay connected with their learning, but we are talking about children who do not have the luxuries of connectivity — even access to electricity or clean water.” Dr. Tariq Cheema

Our Muallim Radio Broadcast was designed to keep the children of Gilgit Baltistan learning through the school closure during the pandemic. Children living in the remote settlements of the mountainous region did not have access to a computer or a smartphone, internet or even a reliable supply of electric power – online learning was simply not an option for them. But radio school is a low-tech, high-impact solution that proved effective. So much that the Federal Ministry of Education & Training and the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting have formally agreed (through MoU) to spread it throughout the country as “Nationwide School Initiative.”

Aimed at around 2000 children to begin with, the Muallim Radio Program helped 200,000+ students continue their studies with numeracy and literacy lessons, stories, poems, games and physical exercise to keep kids interested and engaged. The child actors and funny professors made sure that radio lessons were fun and children could benefit from them, not only learning new content, but also staying positive during the difficult times.

Game-based Learning – Innovating the future with KarMuqabla

KarMuqabla’s 3G-optimised website helps students test their knowledge against hundreds of thousands of their peers through innovative gaming software. They play the game, and the software tells them how much they know, how much is left and how well they match up to their peers. And to play the games a child does not require expensive computers or broadband connection – any old smartphone with and an ordinary SIM will do. Low data usage ensures maximum gameplay for anyone and everyone.

During the covid pandemic KarMuqabla created a Non-Stop Tournament (NTS) with weekly prizes that attracted a large number of students from all over Pakistan.

KarMuqabla also works for teachers! Educators and parents can be sent alerts of the students’ assessment outcomes. Teachers can use the website to track individual student progress against assigned games and follow-up directly with those students’ who need extra help.

Our textbooks and Academic Calendar

Our academic calendar and accelerated curriculum made it possible for children who missed several years of school to make up for the loss quickly and effectively and be able to join mainstream education.

The Academic Calendar was initially designed for primary level and successfully implemented in non-formal schools all over Pakistan. In 2021, the Academic Calendar for elementary schools was also introduced. This academic calendar facilitates the delivery of a three-year curriculum in eighteen-months’ time while preserving and emphasizing essential Student Learning Outcomes (SLO).

Alight’s subject workbooks especially designed for teaching and learning in non-formal schools that we established proved to be so successful that the Literacy & Non-Formal Basic Education (L&NFBE) department Punjab requested to provide these supplementary materials in all 13,000 Literacy Centers in the province. The workbooks are available for English, Maths and Urdu for grades 1-3, and for Science for grades 4-5.

Teachers’ Training

The Virtual Teachers’ Training Academy established by Alight Pakistan in collaboration with Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is Pakistan’s only portal dedicated to quality teacher training provision for non-formal school teachers.

As all face-to-face trainings were suspended during the Covid19 pandemic, the NFS teachers did not have access to professional training. The VTTA gave them the opportunity to upgrade their skills and gain subject content knowledge through asynchronous e-learning. Upon the completion of the course the teachers receive certificates endorsed by the AIOU.

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