STUDENT – Muhammad Ali – “My dreams are no less than that of a prince”

My dreams are no less than that of a prince – Muhammad Ali I am Muhammad Ali and I am a student of class 10 at Bab-ul-Ilam Public School Ranga in Skardu. I live in a small mud house with seven family members.

Being born to a poor family is fate. It’s not a decision of any person. But my dreams are no less than that of a prince. I also want to get quality education in a private school with all facilities available.

I am well aware of how children of the rich families achieve success. I also know that they have to pay hefty fees at private schools. The standard of public schools in my area was deteriorating and it was not only difficult, but impossible for children from poor families like mine to study in a private school. They were beyond our approach.

I always considered my dreams unattainable but this project made me see hope when my school was adopted, it enabled us to chase our goals. Today there is no private school in my area, but a passion for pursuing quality education still exists. Access to quality education is ensured for needy and deserving students, the best example of which is the established Early Child Education center.

Another school of this standard cannot be find in the entire district. Even the renowned schools of this region are not providing this standard. In the past years I have learnt that for a better change in life, we have to stand strong with firm commitment and faith for a better future. Hope is a powerful force.