In an Alight non-formal school in a centuries-old village in Islamabad’s Shah Allah Ditta, a young woman has been a teaching force in her community. Rabia was only thirteen years old when she became determined to teach, particularly teach girls. It was by a lucky accident that one day she crossed paths with an Alight Literacy Mobilizer (LM) who was looking for a location in the village to establish a non-formal school. The area had been identified as having a high number of out of school children (OOSC). After a discussion over tea with the LM, Rabia’s family offered their own home for the Alight school. These children were essentially to become ambassadors for other OOSC. This elevated Rabia’s passion for being a part of the campaign to bring children into schools.

Rabia joined Alight’s Online Teacher Training program which is offered in partnership with the British education provider Oxademy Education. She is, in fact, the second graduate of the program! In an interview with Alight, Rabia talked about different aspects of the program. Her favorite subject is math and the practice in the program helped her improve her expertise in the subject.

In a similar thread to the observations provided by the first graduate of the program, Sahira, Rabia appreciated the flexibility the training program provides towards understanding content in one’s own time: ‘I personally preferred online training because I had time to understand the content at my pace. This made it easier to learn. It also avoids time wastage when commuting to trainings and using up your whole day there.’ With the bite-size learning aspect of the program, where content is broken up into five to ten minutes worth of reading content, the student finds the subject matter easier to process: ‘Large size content takes time to read and can be difficult to understand. It takes 5 to ten minutes and you are done. This helps increase understanding and the next lesson builds on the previous one.’

Alight is engaged in the Educate A Child (EAC) project, a global initiative of Education Above All (EAA) Qatar, which aims to significantly reduce the number of children worldwide who are missing out on their right to education. The program is implemented (2018-20) across Pakistan by Alight in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan.