At Alight Pakistan we are committed to helping those most vulnerable and often it is women and children who require that extra protection. Regarded as one of the most powerful tools of the patriarchy, violence against women in Pakistan is both a crime and a socially accepted norm. Despite there being laws that protect women from violence, their implementation is inadequate and the GBV remains unreported and undealt with. In some cases, GBV is symptomatic of the breakdown of community structures and trauma caused by displacement. The rise of GBV usually follows armed conflict and humanitarian emergencies, adding distress to those who are already suffering.

Alight’s approach to gender equity is grounded in a broader philosophy of social inclusion. It is based on Alight’s core values defining that all individuals have the right to achieve their fullest potential in social well-being and human development. We understand that women and girls are powerful agents of social transformation as well as pivotal contributors to the socio-economic well-being of the global community. Our protection program is based on the principles of prevention and response, offering the survivors access to support groups and legal assistance, educating them on their rights as well as coping practices, and engaging whole communities to systematically solve the problem of GBV.

Best Practices of GBV prevention and response

  • Religious Scholars Involvement
  • Community Support Groups
  • Women-Friendly Spaces
  • Youth Clubs
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Street Theater
  • Vocational Skill Training for GBV survivors