A source of hope and means of provision – Benish

SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM GRADUATE – Benish – A source of hope and means of provision

I am Benish hailing from a remote village of Saltoro in district Ghanche. When I was 12 years old my house burnt down due to gas-stove leakage and half of my body got burnt. I also lost my parents in that accident. It was a very difficult experience that I went through in very early age.

I would like to get treatment of my burnt face but for that I have to earn money and I did not have any skills to do that. An advertisement of skill development program led by Alight Pakistan and AIOU in Skardu attracted my attention. I found that course suitable for me and applied for it. Luckily, I got admission in stitching and tailoring course.

With the blessing of Almighty Allah, I successfully completed the course and learnt all basic skills of tailoring. It was my dream to earn and get treatment of my face and I could see this dream turning into reality with the skill development training. I have started tailoring work on a sewing machine of my sister-in-law and earnt a handsome amount from my work. The training made me very skillful and I am getting very positive feedbacks from my clients. Now, Alhamdulillah, I have enough clients and I feel very happy. For me the course was a source of hope and means of provision for my personal expenses. I am really grateful to Alight Pakistan team and AIOU for this great opportunity.