Teachers are change-makers

Teachers are change-makersShonal, one of the most beautiful village in Basha Valley, is located about 96 km of Skardu. It is not easy to reach Shonal, as the mountainous road is in very bad condition and in winter snowfall cuts of the access to the valley. Last year the Alight Pakistan team reached the village while surveying the situation of education in the valley. The whole region was found to have a very low literacy rate and the urge to study was also observed very low due to the engagement of community in livelihood and household chores.

To begin with, the school was struggling to attract more students as the need of more determination and close connection with students and community was needed to develop that interest level. Keeping in mind the need of school, replacement of old teacher was considered and the hiring of new teacher changed everything. When Muhammad Sajjad joined as new NFS teacher, his dedication and competence changed the school and very soon there was an increase in the number of students by 35%.

Muhammad Sajjad trained with British Council and attended teachers’ training organized by Alight Pakistan. He is a devoted and enthusiastic teacher, engaging his students in activity-based learning, and motivating them to achieve their best. The parents and the whole community of Shonal have trust and confidence in their teacher and are happy to send their children to study under his guidance. They know that Muhammad Sajjad shares their goal of seeing the children of Shonal grow and succeed.