Teaching gives me satisfaction that cannot be purchased with money

TEACHER – Ghulam Nabi – “Teaching gives me satisfaction that cannot be purchased with money”

Breaking through barriers to achieve success is challenging. Especially when you are a person with disabilities. Because of my disabilities I had to work harder than others to become a teacher.

My name is Ghulam Nabi, I am 36 years old. My left arm is not fully developed, but I never let my disability overwhelm me, because I always believed that I am differently abled person with numerous qualities, Alhamdulillah!

Coming from a financially unstable and big family of 7, attainment of education was never easy. I decided to never lose hope and continued my fight to accomplish my dream. The first step towards it was completion of my matriculation at least, without which it would have been impossible for me to go towards my passion. Right after my matriculation, I got a job in a private school, Umeed Primary School, located in a remote village of Chunda in Skardu district, as a sweeper. Since teaching was my passion so I used to help students in their studies while doing my job. My interest and knowledge of education was noticed by the school management and therefore I was offered a position of assistant teacher in the same school.

This not only made me feel really appreciated and encouraged but was also a moment of extreme happiness for me. I promised myself and the management to work hard to fulfill their expectations and contributed at the best of my level in the role of a teacher.

Things changed once again when the school was not able to pay my salary due to limitations of funds at the school management level. Even though I was very disappointed but I chose to continue my teaching service to the school on voluntary basis for the future of those children. Teaching gives me satisfaction that cannot be purchased with money!! I was teaching in the same school for next ten months without any salary.

I did not lose hope believing that “With Allah it is late but not dark”. The thought and the hope, together helped me through the difficult times. When we believe in tomorrow’s prosperity, we get the courage to endure today’s hardships. My hopes and prayers were answered when Gaamzan project was implemented in Baltistan. Under the project, Alight and Moawin Foundation extended support to our school and adopted it.

It was only because of this project, that my monthly salary was resumed once again and I was not only appreciated for my efforts but also provided an opportunity to learn and grow. My motivation was tremendously increased, when the organization selected me along with other teachers for the capacity building workshop at PDCN Gilgit. This workshop helped me to get deeper understanding of classroom teaching practice and boosted my confidence level. I truly enjoyed the entire training session.

Today I can confidently say that this project gave me a chance to prove my abilities and provided means to develop my skills. I would really like to appreciate how the team provided a chance to people like me and boosted my confidence to play my role for the society. Perhaps it is a message to others that there if no barrier if the determination is strong. With encouragement, right opportunities and training, anyone can participate in different activities and play their positive part in society. I believe with the help of such support, one day I will be able to bring my family out of extreme poverty and lead them to a prosperous life ahead.