We travel south of the country to Karachi which is home to 14 non-formal STAR schools. These schools place disempowered and excluded children within the reach of qualified primary educators once again. Karachi’s Gadap Town’s village Khameso Malah is home to 80 households, and is among the most underdeveloped localities in the otherwise advancing city. Most of the population works as day laborers, with limited access to educational facilities, safe drinking water, electricity, and basic health facilities. According to our data, 98% of the community is illiterate, with children having to go to schools in nearby villages.

Children are often seeing roaming the streets, when they could be inside classrooms. But with the team’s successful efforts to establish a non-formal, community centered school in the village earlier this year, 30 children receive free-of-cost, quality primary education. For the parents whose girls are enroled in the school, they are comforted in the knowledge that their children are in a safe, learning environment while their parents earn.