Where there is a will there’s a way

In the suburbs of Gilgit Baltistan, there are a number of pockets, which are deprived from the facility of education. The idea of school and education is like a fantasy for the people living in these locations. The road to that dream is far away with many hurdles, especially for girls, leaving them with no hope and less courage to start their journey towards education. Ansari Muhallah is one of those areas situated a little far away from main Skardu District.

Education is a mere dream because there is no school around that locality, leaving a number of children out of school. Where Alight Pakistan has been working in establishing new non-formal schools across Gilgit Baltistan, another alternate and innovative learning initiative was launched by Alight back in 2021 in the name of Mobile School. Mobile School is nothing but a moving vehicle enriched with different books, and all the necessary learning materials to keep the children interested, motivated and to promote activity-based learning.

This school doesn’t only provide the readers an opportunity to have access to hundreds of story books but also attain learning using innovative tools like LED, Radio, flashcards, Education kits, Education mats and other interactive learning material. With the collaboration of NCHD, Government Education Department, Alight selected several communities where this mobile van serves as a mobile school. Ansari Muhallah is one of those communities, having current enrollment of 30 students in it (20 males and 10 are females). Every potential location is being visited by this Mobile School four times a month.The primary focus of this facility is to give OOSC an understanding of basic concepts and to equip them with skills so they may  get the chance to excel in other fields of life.

The motivation to such initiatives come from girls like Fatima, who is merely nine years old and belongs to an impoverished family located in Ansari Muhallah. She was always very keen to go to school like other children. But could not materialize her dream due to financial restraints and the absence of school around her place. Her parents were worried but helpless, as they couldn’t help their girl to accomplish her dreams. One fine morning, when the mobile school reached her place that was like a miracle in life. An open-eye imagination of Fatima was there, in reality.

After the glimpse, she forgot to blink her eyes as her silent prayers were answered in the form of mobile school. A beam of light emerged in her quiet and murky life. When the team of Alight Pakistan came to their Village intending to lighten young hearts with education, Fatima and her parents got excited and enrolled her in the school.

Fatima and her parents are very thankful to Alight Pakistan and CAI for providing a chance to learn at their doorstep. After continued visits and support from the mobile van facilitator now she is performing very well in both academic and co-curricular activities.