You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great

Teachers are one major source of learning for students in schools. Keeping in consideration the importance of a good and confident teacher, Alight not only focuses on providing and maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment at schools but also aims to capacitates the human resource engaged with it.

Alight under its continuous professional development program trained the teachers in three face-to-face phases, extended mentoring at field level through LMS and established a close connection with each one of them to bring out the best of them. These trainings help the teachers to improve their teaching skills and also in some cases help them to grow more confidently as well. Some such examples include of Muhammad Tahir from NFS-Banga-Diamer, Ms. Manzoor Ahmed from NFS-Usmanabad-Gilgit and many other like these. These teachers joined Alight as Non-Formal Schools and were amazing in their work at school level. However, there was lack of confidence which held them back in fully participating in their peer groups like teachers training etc.

The impact of these trainings at field level is definitely witnessed during every field visit however how these training impacted the confidence building of teachers have been observed even at the time of training. These trainings gave the teachers an opportunity to interact with each other, work in group and share ideas. Initially these teachers were reluctant to share views and participate actively in discussions. However, by the last day of training, the difference in their attitude was very much obvious. Not only this has been observed by Alight staff but also they shared their amazing learning experience by showing expression of gratitude to Alight for enhancing their respective skill and help them overcome their hesitation.

The trainer shared, “Muhammad Tahir was a shy and introverted person, and also language barriers were not letting him express his opinion, which was hindering his learning capabilities. During these trainings, we have engaged the participants in the practice and demonstration of various teaching methodologies through several activities. Tahir was also given the opportunity to talk and also to present in front of his fellows. The improvement in him was very evident by the end training and after two to three practices, he became confident enough to share his viewpoint and represent his group during the activities.”

Manzoor shared, “I never attended such training sessions before. At first day of the training, I was hesitant to talk in front of the participants and give group presentations however the trainer motivated me to share my ideas and give presentations. Now I consider myself a confident teacher and can present my work to others without any fear and hesitation”, he added, “This three-day training helped me to develop my confidence level. Gaamzan project gave teachers like me the assurance and taught us child-centred and activity based teaching methods”.

The support and motivation by the facilitators helps the teachers to take an active part in the program and open up their minds even more to absorb all the learning. This way the teachers put extra effort in all learning sessions and stay more excited to practice the learning in their schools.